free your song

PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.


Growing up I felt super sensitive and full of feelings that were hard to express in words (mega feelings). Music was a beacon of light, proof that I wasn’t alone, an ocean of feeling I could jump into, and come out of more refreshed and alive. 

Writing songs helped me experience connection, resonance, confidence, aliveness, and greater capacity to be with life’s joys and challenges. Over the years, I turned my passion into a career by becoming a board certified music therapist. I’ve worked with people in prisons, hospitals, methadone clinics, mental hospitals, homeless youth resource centers, schools, and homes using hands-on music as the impetus for positive life change. 

Meanwhile, secretly at parties and concerts, in living rooms and coffee shops, people would come up to me sharing that they want to write their songs, and wondered if I could help. These weren’t people who wanted to make a career of songwriting or sell hit songs, but rather, creative people who could feel that songwriting might deepen their lives in similar ways it had deepened mine. People who wanted a way in that wasn’t a music degree (and the school debt that comes with it). People who wanted a personal invitation, and a supportive friend to help them through their fears and into the depth of their creative calling.

I want to help you experience the empowerment, presence, and joy I’ve experienced daily through music and that I’ve helped thousands of people experience as a music therapist.

I want you to have access to your creativity, so that you may flourish in all areas of your life. It is in these creative spaces that we play, grow, and put something into words that was once an inexpressible ball of confusion. I want you to find clarity in your authentic voice. 

This course is for all of you creative people who are swimming with (or haunted by) incomplete song ideas.

(If you’re not swimming with any song ideas and you feel totally disconnected from your creative self — get this FREE course on opening up to your creative flow, and come back when you’re ready for more!)

Back to you... Maybe you’ve got a whole bunch of voice memos with song ideas that are collecting digital dust in your phone.

Maybe you play an instrument and have some riff (link) or chord progression (link) and you want it to have a melody and lyrics and you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you have pages and pages of creative writing, poetry, rap, or “songs” that haven’t really become songs out loud, but you hear them as songs in your head.

Maybe you have ALL THREE OF THESE THINGS and just can’t figure out how the heck to put it all together.

Maybe you have ONE idea that just won’t leave you alone (a phrase, a line, a melody, a chord progression), and you don’t know how to develop it. But it continues to come into your mind, like a stray cat looking for a home.

You know you need help, but you can’t afford (or justify) the cost of individual lessons and you’re not quite sure who to reach out to (voice lessons? writing group? guitar lessons? — or perhaps a holistic music coach?)

It can feel daunting, and therefore impossible, to gain the level of skill you think you need to actually finish a song. Therefore, you keep collecting little ideas and storing them away like a squirrel collecting acorns… well it’s winter time (in the US) and there’s no better time to write music then when it gets dark early and (if you’re like me) you’re spending lots more time connecting with yourself. And you’ve got all these acorns of goodness to de-shell, digest, and nourish yourself and others with. What you have is enough. And now is the perfect time to start.

 I’m here to assure you, that if you have ideas and you feel something inside of you wants to write a song, that is enough for you to write a song.

 I’m not promising that you’ll write a hit song that will make you millions (though there are plenty of books out there on how to do this and a few people who do it) — but what I do believe is that you will writing something that resonates with who you are, and what you want to say, and THIS is soul gold. This makes your heart rich, and it spins your self expressive moments into cohesive, alive moments that sing (quite literally). It’s what helps you feel more connected to yourself, to your soul/spirit/higher self, AND, if you’re brave, it can help you feel connected to OTHER PEOPLE. You don’t have to be perfect or even great to get together with friends and play music and sing together. It’s a forgotten past time, and one that feels so good (I mean have you sat around the campfire singing songs?). You could be someone who brings this, participates in it, and shares something personal, like you’re own song. You’ll find people who resonate with what you’re saying. And you could even go on to make millions with your songs. But what I want more than anything, is for you to write your songs. Make them audible. Help them exist. Free Your Songs.

 And I’m here to help you with the skills you already have.

Here are three awesome ways to Free Your Song


Free Your Songs Video Course

Accessible videos, when you want them, with step-by-step in depth content designed to help you write songs at your own pace. Musical concepts are explained in non-intimidating ways, filling in any gaps of musical understanding that have held you back in the past. Option to book up to two 15-minute appointments during office hours once per month to get extra support.


Free Your Songs EXTRA

Get all of the incredible Free Your Songs Video perks, plus four 30-minute calls scheduled directly with me for moments when you might get stuck, need help creating chords or brainstorming lyric ideas or melody ideas. PLUS unlimited email support. This option allows you extra help when you need it, ensuring success for anyone who might feel stuck along the way.


**The first ten people to sign up get Free Your Songs EXTRA for $199, that’s two hours of support calls of added value for FREE.

Free Your Songs 1-on-1

This is great for people who have a clear goal, like writing a song for a special occasion or loved one, and want support from start to finish. It comes with the Free Your Songs Video course for reference, and allows you to get all that you need for your project with 100% of my time, skill, presence, attention, and love.

$150 per hour without video course

$500 for 4 hours of 1-on-1 support calls + VIDEO COURSE