Fearless Joy Ukulele Workshop

Fearless Joy Ukulele Workshop


When: March 16th, 1-3pm EST

Where: your computer/phone

Who: up to 8 ukulele beginners

What: ukulele workshop

Why: learning ukulele will improve your life and bring you joy and connection

What to bring: your ukulele (buy one today on Amazon, ukulele recommendations here)

In the workshop, you will learn to:

  • Tune your ukulele

  • Play four chords

  • Perform at least one commonly used strum pattern

  • Play your first song

  • Play Love Will Find a Way by Jodi McLaren and Rachael Maddox with free lead sheet (lyrics+chords) provided.

The video workshop will be recorded and sent to you for future reference. PLUS, everyone who participates in the ukulele group workshop will get $25 off the Free Your Song online songwriting class, a 100% return on your investment. (If you’re already signed up for Free Your Song, you get to take this ukulele class for free! Email me to save your spot).

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