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The Queer Your Living Room Candlelight Tour

a nationwide series of intimate house concerts by queer singer-songwriter and music therapist, Jodi McLaren, celebrating queer communities.

This is quite possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my LIFE! It’s a total dream come true. A living room concert tour across the country, inviting queer communities and allies to host and come out for a night of community magic. I can’t wait to light the candles and sing for you!

About the Show

Each event will have it’s own unique flavor, depending on the place, the host, and the community, but all events will include the following aspects:

Jodi McLaren will lead us in a beautiful opening candle lighting ritual & song to honor LGBTQIA people who have come before us, and those who have lost their lives due to violence. On my patreon page, I’m offering a candlelight song dedication, where I will light a candle and dedicate a song to your queer loved one or true blue ally, find out more here.

As we bathe in candlelight, we will call in the power of our truest self expression, giving ourselves permission to be the light and shine bright from within.

During the concert, Jodi will share personal stories and original songs full of courageous love, longing, lighthearted sweetness, and joyful gratitude. As a group, we’ll have a chance to make up our own unique song, guided by Jodi and bound to be fun.

You’ll leave feeling inspired, uplifted, and connected to yourself and others.

About Jodi:

Jodi McLaren has released three solo albums available on itunes/spotify/etc, two collaboration albums available on bandcamp, and has written loads of songs yet to be officially released, available to patrons here. You can hear her latest album, Big Catch, here: www.jodimclaren.com/music. As a music therapist, Jodi has taught songwriting to people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE in a variety of settings, from prisons, to hospital rooms, to methadone clinics, to residential addiction recovery centers for mothers, to community colleges… she’s learned not only the power of her own voice, but the power of every person’s voice and her role in helping people to free their songs. She shares her music and offers online courses, community sharing platforms, and one-on-one music sessions via her new patreon page: www.patreon.com/jodimclaren.

tour dates

Most shows are private house concerts, with hosts inviting guests. If you’d like to attend in a city below, but don’t know the host, email me, and I’ll send you the details.

AUGUST 9, Los Angeles, CA. Private house show.

AUGUST 20, Carson, WA. Private house show.

AUGUST 22, Chimacum, WA. 6:30pm. Chimacum Grange.

AUGUST 24, Seattle, WA. Private house show & potluck.

AUGUST 31, Portland, OR. Private house show.

SEPTEMBER 10, Oakland, CA. House show at The Orchard.

The first part of the tour is complete with 22 shows in 12 states! Get access all the juicy stories, details, photos, and live videos by becoming a patron. The next leg of the tour is being planned NOW. Here’s an outline of where I plan to be (subject to change based on conversations with hosts). If you’re interested in hosting, please reach out!

AUGUST 8-9, Los Angeles, CA

AUGUST 10-11, Oakland, CA

AUGUST 12-15, Eugene, OR

AUGUST 15-19, Salem, CA (Singing Alive)

AUGUST 20-21, Columbia River Gorge, WA

AUGUST 22-23, Chimacum, WA

AUGUST 24, Seattle, WA

AUGUST 25-27, Orcas Island, WA


SEPTEMBER 5-7, Eugene, OR


SEPTEMBER 9-10, Oakland, CA

SEPTEMBER 11-15, Reno, NV

The estimated tour cost before profit is $3,000. Your generous donations help make this tour possible, brightening rainbow hearts all over the country!

Patrons contribute monthly donations and receive access to exclusive updates, new music, candlelight dedications, music coaching, and more.

Still Accepting Hosts!

Want to host a Queer Your Living Room Candlelight Concert in your home or backyard??? See the list of dates above to find out if and when I’ll be near you. The west coast tour portion is currently wide open and I’m excited to speak with potential hosts in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California.

In order to host, you’ll need a space that can fit anywhere from 10-30 people, and 10-30 people you could invite that will likely say YES to coming. In most cities, hosts (or friends of hosts) would also provide me with a place to sleep (guest room, couch, floor, space outside for a tent, all viable options).

I’ll accept donations at the door, sliding scale $10-40, though no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

If you’re interested or you’re thinking of a friend who might want to host, let’s talk more! Fill out this super simple form and then book a call with me on the page that follows after you submit the form.

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Can’t wait to meet you on this tour! If you can’t make it but you’d love to get exclusive insider updates along the way, please join my patreon community.

big thanks

The first part of the tour is complete with 19 shows in 11 states! Want all the juicy stories, photos, and videos? You can access everything and more by becoming a patron!


MAY 3rd, Eugene. Private house show.

MAY 11th, Eugene. Private house show.

MAY 16th Lake Worth, FL. Jaistar Studios. 7-9pm

MAY 22 Leicester, NC. Private house show.

MAY 25 Columbia, MD. Private house show.

MAY 26 Ellicott City, MD. Private house show.

MAY 30 Tinton Falls, NJ. Private house show.

JUNE 1 Brooklyn, NY. Private house show.

JUNE 2 Stockholm, NJ. Private house show.

JUNE 5 Akron, OH. Private house show.

JUNE 6 Cincinnati, OH. Private house show.

JUNE 8 Ferdinand, IN. Private house show.

JUNE 14 Iowa City, IA. Private house show.

JUNE 18 Omaha, NE. Media Corp. 7-9pm.

JUNE 20 Arvada, CO. Private house show.

JUNE 25 Denver, CO. Private house show.

JUNE 26 Arvada, CO. House show.

JUNE 30 Salk Lake City. Downtown Artist Collective. 6pm. w/ Asher Leigh

JULY 2 Reno, NV. Soul Family Cafe w/ Asher Leigh

JULY 11 Reno, NV. Private house show.

JULY 14 Reno, NV. West Street Market. 1pm.

JULY 19 La Jolla, CA. Private house show & potluck shabbat dinner.



The estimated tour cost before profit is $3,000. Your generous donation helps make this tour possible, brightening rainbow hearts all over the country!

Patrons give money each month and receive access to exclusive updates, new music, candlelight dedications, music coaching, and more. Starting at $3/month.