Jodi McLaren
You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
— Maya Angelou

Music Therapist 

Jodi McLaren is a board certified music therapist, neurologic music therapy fellow, and queer singer-songwriter. She has facilitated songwriting workshops, classes, individual and group sessions for hundreds of individuals. Jodi has worked with people with disabilities, stroke survivors, cancer survivors, inmates, kids, people with acute mental health issues, and mothers in rehab from drug addiction—making songwriting accessible, fun, and empowering by meeting people where they are. With three years of clinical work in hospitals, prisons, rehab facilities, schools, clinics, homeless youth centers, and homes, Jodi understands how to create music therapy programs for people and groups based on their needs. Jodi is thrilled to be accepting new 1-1 clients for online music therapy sessions or home visits in South Florida starting in December 2018.


Jodi McLaren is a queer singer-songwriter from Laurel, MD. She loves to write songs everyday, perform house concerts, and record original albums. Her most recent album, Big Catch, is available now by donation of any amount.

Her music is intimate, courageous, honest, and overflowing with love.




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