Free Your Song is an experiential introductory online songwriting course for soulful people excited to express their truest selves through music.

Learning to write a song is life-changing.

This empowering experience motivates and inspires you to express yourself in ways that bring meaning and joy, all while deepening your connection with yourself and others.

What could be better?

Photo Credit:  Melissa Vlahos

Photo Credit: Melissa Vlahos

Creative Community,

I’m here to share a gift that has brought joy, meaning, career direction, self-discovery, and authentic affirming community into my life, and that is songwriting.

From my angsty high school days, through coming out as queer in college, and over a decade of relationship ups and downs to follow, songwriting has been my ever-available, constant friend in the sea of life changes for over 16 years.

As a Board Certified Music Therapist, I’ve empowered students, teachers, health practitioners, inmates, veterans, mother’s in addiction recovery, people with chronic mental health issues, homeless teens, people with disabilities, and stroke survivors to write songs and share them in supportive community.

I felt a deep soul calling to extend my reach beyond the clinical setting, to bring the empowering, creative, fun experience of songwriting to anyone with an interest in expressing themselves authentically, no matter where you live, what your past experiences in music have been, or what your weekly schedule looks like.

On my most recent national Queer Your Living Room Candlelight Tour, I’ve seen how my truest self expression through stories and songs, has inspired so many people to embrace their own gifts, and express their love and creativity fully in this life.

I’m so thrilled to be offering Free Your Song, the culmination of 16 years of songwriting experience, and 4 years of experience as a music therapist teaching and facilitating songwriting workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, classes, and programs.

With a Big Courageous Heart of Songs,




Here is a SONG invitation to Free Your Song



Are you ready to Free Your Song? This course is for you if:

  • You want to discover your own authentic voice.

    You’ll enter into fulfilling and curious relationship with yourself as you generate ideas, and weave them into a song.

  • You want to express and share yourself with others.

    Heck yeah! Songs are excellent socially desirable vehicles for your full self expression to be seen, heard, received, and appreciated.

  • You want to attract community, friends, and relationships that match and support who you are.

    When you express yourself fully in a song, you will meet people who are drawn to who you are, growing your community and sense of belonging. (True story: It’s how I developed community all over the world, and met my romantic partner.)

  • You’ve always wanted to write a song, but you’ve felt creatively blocked.

    I’ll help you learn to PAUSE your critic, and start opening up to your inner source of creativity.

  • You’re creative in other areas of life, but not sure you’re “talented enough” musically to write a song.

    I’ll teach you to apply your the skills you have to the art of songwriting, no special talent required.

  • You want full permission to feel & express your mega feelings.

    Songs have space for ALL THE FEELINGS. In a song you can express things that aren’t necessarily socially acceptable to feel or express publicly. Whether you’re angry, jealous, joyful, afraid, excited, turned on, sad, hopeful, lost, heart-broken, bored… it’s all fuel for a song us humans can relate to and feel too.

  • Learning music theory has felt intimidating to you in the past.

    Tell me about it! I will teach music theory in a way that doesn’t require years of study, but gives you the tools you need to write songs with the skills you have now.

  • You have song ideas (words, music, or melodies), but you need help putting it all together.

    You’re so close! This course will help fill in any gaps, and connect all of the pieces together so you’ll have a complete song.

  • You want to have fun and learn material through experience; you want permission to PLAY.

    Experiential videos in this course allow you to PLAY, STRUM, and SING along with me from the comfort of your own home.

  • You help others in your work or in your family, and you want to give back to yourself.

    AWESOME! This course is meant to bring you to life creatively. Carve out time for you so you can fill yourself up!

  • You are motivated to show up, on your own timeline, and complete this course.

    YES YOU ARE. You’re going to do awesome.

  • You know you will do best with 1-on-1 support, in addition to the videos.

    Amazing. I’m here to offer optional 1-on-1 support. Choose the package below that best meets your needs!

  • You’re actually just totally excited and ready to jump in!

    GREAT! Wait no longer. Get access to the course NOW.

  • Still not sure if it’s right for you?

    Schedule a 15-minute call with me to find out if Free Your Song is a good fit for you. If it’s not, I’ll totally support you doing what’s best for you! No shame. No pressure.


Photo credit: Melissa Vlahos

Photo credit: Melissa Vlahos

Three Awesome Ways to Free Your Song

$249 COMMUNITY GROUP includes six weekly 60-min live group sessions and the complete Free Your Song video course with 6 modules, 40 short video lessons (average 5-10 minutes each), 10 worksheets, and email support. You may add on 1-on-1 support calls as needed (30 minutes for $75, and 75 minutes for $150), or choose a package below that includes 1-on-1 support calls to save you money.

$349 COMMUNITY + YOU includes the live group sessions and video course, plus TWO 30 minute 1-on-1 support calls that you may schedule anytime during the course (saving $50)

$549 SONG MENTOR includes the live group sessions and video course, plus FOUR 30 minute 1-on-1 support calls, and ONE 75 minute in depth support call that you may schedule anytime (saving $150!)

Enrollment closes October 8th. Space is limited to 15 participants. Book your spot and access the course TODAY.

Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
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How You’ll Learn to Write a Song



As soon as you purchase the course, you’ll have access to the entire video course! This allows you to explore the video content at your own pace in preparation for the weekly live group calls, which begin October 15th.

To maximize your learning in this course, plan on spending one hour per week with the video lessons, in preparation for the live group call (schedule below).


The live group video calls will be where the magic of community happens — where we will learn from one another as our songs come alive in real time with my full presence, support, and guidance. If you miss a live group call, the recording will be available to you for the duration of the course.


The course begins with an introduction and a chance for you to identify the skills and resources you already have that will help you through the course. You’ll also pick a favorite song that will be a learning foundation for you as you learn about lyrics, song structure, melody, and harmony. A big part of learning how to write a song is learning how to listen to what is happening in the songs you like the most… so that you can re-create those aspects into your very own songs.

In Module 1, you’ll learn how to PAUSE the critic through guided visualization of a meaningful memory, identifying your personal conditions for creativity, and introducing a quick daily journal practice that helps you remember to fully experience your day and life while capturing content for future songs.


In Module 2, you start to PLAY with words with your first free-write activity. Then you’ll learn all about song structure (verse, chorus, bridge, and how to identify what’s what).


In Module 3, you’ll PLAY sounds and learn about melody by singing and playing piano (I’ve provided online piano links if you don’t have one at home).


In Module 4, you’ll PLAY chords and learn about harmony and how to choose chords for a song.


In Module 5, you’ll workshop your song with others using the prompts provided to get the help and feedback you need. This is a great time for support calls with me as well!


In Module 6, you’ll learn all about how to share your music in person, online, and how to prepare for the recording studio if that’s where you’d like to go next!


There will be easy links in the course to schedule your 1-on-1 support calls with me.

If you’ve paid for the support calls in your package, there will be no charge. Otherwise, you’ll be charged when you book the session.

When to seek support: each person will have one or more parts of the course that feel ESPECIALLY challenging, you’ll know because you’ll start to feel resistance and fear and you’ll want to give up. Don’t give up. This is the perfect time to schedule a support call.


By the end of the course, you will have:

  • A creative outlet that brings meaning and joy to your life.

  • A deeper connection to yourself and others.

  • An original song & opportunities to share it with others!

Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
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Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
from 249.00
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Course Content

Each lesson outlined below comes with a short video lesson; many of them with experiential aspects where you’ll be invited to write, sing, and play along. There are also helpful links and printable cheat sheets and worksheets to deepen your understanding along the way in doable amounts!

Course Outline



1. Welcome
2. Start Where You Are
3. Song Inspiration
4. Your WHY

Module 1 — Pause the Critic.

1. Open the Faucet
2. Mind Vacation
3. Integration
4. Conditions for Creativity
5. Experience Bank

Module 2 — Play words.

1. Free Write
2. What is a Song?
3. Song Structure
4. Listen for Structure I
5. Listen for Structure II
6. Rhyme Scheme
7. Functions of Song Structure

Module 3 — Play Sounds.

1. Free Write Banjo
2. Play Sounds
3. Play Safely
4. Chakra Toning
5. Notes are Key
6. Make Your Own Melody
7. Turning Words Into Song
8. Start With Melody
9. Homework + Song

Module 4 — Play Chords.

1. Free Play
2. What is a Chord?
3. Chords in Major Keys
4. Major Chord Progressions
5. Chords in Minor Keys
6. Major Key Song Example
7. Minor Key Song Example
8. Homework + Chord Tips

Module 5 — Play Workshop.

1. Workshop Overview
2. Asking for Feedback
3. Giving Feedback

Module 6 — Play your Music.

1. Completion
2. Recording Your Song
3. Sharing Your Song
4. Congratulations!


To download and print:
Course Checklist
Start Where You Are Worksheet
M1:L5 Experience Bank Worksheet
M2:L4-6 Song Structure Worksheet
M3 L9 Homework
M4 Chord Cheat Sheet
M4 L6 Major Key ID Worksheet
M4 L7 Minor Key ID Worksheet
M4 L8 Homework
M5 L2 Asking for Feedback
M5 L3 Giving Feedback



Includes six weekly 60-min live group sessions and the complete Free Your Song video course with 6 modules, 40 short video lessons (average 5-10 minutes each), 10 worksheets, and email support. You may add on 1-on-1 support calls as needed (30 minutes for $75, and 75 minutes for $150), or choose a support package that includes 1-on-1 support calls to save you money.



Get the entire video course, six live group calls, plus TWO 30-minute support calls scheduled directly with me for moments when you might get stuck, need help generating lyrics, melodies, and chords. PLUS unlimited email support. This option allows you extra help when you need it, ensuring success for anyone who might feel stuck along the way.



Includes the live group sessions and video course, plus FOUR 30 minute 1-on-1 support calls, and ONE 75 minute in-depth support call with 100% of my focused attention, musical skill, emotional presence, and love (saving $150!). This is great for people who succeed best with 1-on-1 support from start to finish.


Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
from 249.00
Support Level:
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Hear from those who’ve worked with me:


I knew I wanted to write a song for my wedding, but I didn’t have the technical skills to choose chords for my melody, or sing the same thing twice in the same rhythm, or even really know how to structure a song. Jodi’s technical musical knowledge along with her intuitive generous spirit gave me the confidence to write a song that felt like it was mine; I was doing it, and it was easy.

Jodi’s accessible and joyful approach to songwriting makes her one of the few people I could even imagine asking to help me do something as personal as write a song for my wedding. I felt SO comfortable working with her and I really hope those who are searching for her unique offerings will hire her for the job.


I truly learned so much from working with Jodi and our vets. The project warmed my heart and her wisdom will follow me on future projects as I begin to incorporate more music into my creative endeavors.

-Anonymous, Veteran Songwriting Participant


It is always a pleasure to know that Jodi is coming to work with us. Whether it is a group of patients, or one on one, her gentle and creative spirit never fails to draw out even the most shy patients. She has an easy going sense of humor that puts people at ease.   We see the power of love and music in action every time she is visits.

–Cherie Lordy, Patient Enrichment Coordinator



Do I need to play an instrument in order to write a song?

No. You can write a song using your voice (which is also an instrument) and your words. If you don’t play an instrument, you’ll learn how to talk about and understand music in a way that you can communicate your musical ideas to musicians who can play the song how you want it, if that’s what you choose. That being said, if you DO play an instrument, you may be able to accompany yourself (sing and play an instrument) on your own song. I’m also available for 1-on-1 support to help you with playing an instrument, singing, and arranging your song. Fear not!

How much musical experience do I need?

Believe it or not, we’re all MUSICAL at our core, without trying. Our hearts beat rhythms. Our voices move up and down in melodies in our own unique cadence when we speak. Because each of you comes with your own unique background and experience, I designed the video course content to cater to someone who has minimal musical experience, while still giving value for those of you who already have deeper musical experience. In the live calls, I’ll be able to address your specific needs, and I’ll be available for 1-on-1 support. Consider how much extra support you’d like when you choose your support package.

What if I don’t watch all of the videos? Should I still join the live group call?

Absolutely. Some of you will benefit tons by watching every minute of every video, and others of you will be all about the live group calls and use the videos for reference/support, others of you will want all the 1-on-1 time you can get. You get to choose how to make the most of the course.

What if I miss a live group call?

There will be video recordings of all live group calls that you can watch any time. I’ll send out a recap message and the video so you can read a summary of what you missed and then watch it.

Is the Free Your Song group LGBTQ friendly?

You bet it is! No need to hide any part of yourself in this course.

Will this course be available another time?

Enrollment closes October 8th for the 2019 Free Your Song online course. Enrollment will open again either in the spring or next fall, that is TBD.


Need more information to decide?