Big Catch

by Jodi McLaren

Soulful intimate love-inspired songs from the heart, captured at Panteon 19 in Todos Santos, Mexico with Matt Haeck.

Big Catch is a collection of powerful songs spanning the depth of many different emotions that will likely be relatable to all who have loved and long for love. The album begins with Big Catch, and the infinite feeling of limitless opportunity that follows an epic romance. Ode to Joy poignantly tells the love story that inspired the previous songs. The album continues with The Hardest Thing, and the longing of long-distance post-breakup, when "nothing is the hardest thing to say." The final two songs on the album are about jumping back into love. Always Time takes a light-hearted approach to when things don't go as planned, and how that can be frustrating OR life-changing and amazing, depending on what unexpected events occur. In time, both will happen, and Always Time is about taking those things in stride. The album concludes with a lullaby love song, Drawn to You, in which McLaren reflects "I'm drawn to you like a hand that trusts the drawing before it's aware of what's being drawn."

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