My Story: How Songwriting Led Me Here

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Songwriting has been a big part of my life. It started when I was a kid, writing poems down and selling them to neighbors for 25 cents (business woman + kid cuteness = success!). I loved making rhymes, and when I got my first guitar I started to try singing to the handful of chords I knew how to play. The joy I got from writing music was amplified by the joy I saw in others who willingly listened to me play.

Today, I write songs to understand my emotions and process feelings that are hard to be with or talk about… a lot of times it’s my way to make peace with my life so I can keep going without getting stuck in a story or feeling.

My passion for songwriting led me to a career in music therapy, a profession where I get to use music as a means of decreasing pain, easing anxiety and depression, restoring speech and mobility in stroke patients, strengthening relationships, building confidence, and empowering people to make the most of their lives, ecstatic joy and immense challenges included. In the past three years, I developed skills and experience to work with a diversity of ages, abilities, diagnoses, backgrounds, and needs. 


I was invited to teach songwriting in prisons, veterans hospitals, and recovery treatment centers. I wrote songs with an 8 year old girl with cystic fibrosis, a young man who was hit by a car, an 85 year old on hospice, and homeless youth at the Eddy House. I taught songwriting courses through the community college, each with higher demand than the last. I started to realize

People have songs inside of them. And it is my favorite thing on earth to help people free their songs.

So I decided to take this passion and develop it further. I’ve created a free online course called Tapping Into Your Creative Flow, to help open people to the creativity they already have. Then I decided to create a unique online program to make songwriting possible from anywhere, at any pace, with customized support to ensure that people can discover the joy of freeing their songs. Afterwards, songwriters will have created a fresh path to songwriting that can be taken again and again. It’s called Free Your Song. It will be released in March 2019. Sign up for the newsletter and enjoy the free online course, then consider joining a creative community of future songwriters in March 2019! The first ten people to pre-order the course now will receive 2 free hours of additional live support, at no extra charge, because you’re awesome!


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