It's Christmas, you might feel...


Christmas can be a tender time for many of us — ever since I was a kid, I anticipated the holiday for months and perhaps because of all of the marketing, I felt like I was supposed to feel AMAZING every second of Christmas day. And if I felt anything other than full of love and cheer and happiness, I felt that something must be terribly wrong… with me, with my presents, with my family, and with [basically anything, fill-in-the-blank]. The remnants of loneliness or existential angst would come like unwelcome guests to the party ruining all or some of my Christmas. Can anybody relate?

So this Christmas, rather than pouring on more pressure to feel AMAZING, I invite you to feel whatever you felt today and whatever you feel right now, and whatever you might feel after listening to this song.


This song is my HUG to you. Wherever you are.


If you’re feeling your own unique flavor of mega feelings and you want to get it out, express that stuff! Cry, dance, play, write, call your bestie, sing, make art, or maybe just… rest. Rest is amazing.

If you’re feeling blocked, or you simply want some help, consider signing up for my free online Tapping Into Your Creative Flow course, or joining my awesome new class coming March 2019—Free Your Song. The first ten people to pre-order Free Your Song get 2 hours of one-on-one time with me at no extra charge. As of Christmas 2018, there are 9 spots left… Save your spot today!

Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
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Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
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