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You don’t have to “be a songwriter” to write a song—all you have to do is want to write a song, I’ll help with the rest.


Nothing makes an occasion more special then the perfect song for that occasion. Think of weddings, graduations, holidays, birthdays… how do we celebrate each of these? With music! What better way to honor your special day than to write a song expressing things only you could express?

You might not know how to write a song yet, or you might know how but be terrified to do so publicly. You might not even know how to access the original ideas you would express in a song. Whatever the case, I can help you write your song and prepare yourself to share it.

Hire me as your personal songwriting coach.

You will receive an initial consultation, four sessions AND access to the Free Your Song online course (a $200 value!) as a resource to refer to whenever you need it. You get ALL of this support for $500.

I work with up to four songwriters at a time. Apply below and I’ll be in touch with you by phone or email (you choose). Then we can decide together if this is the best program for you and we’ll pick a start date.


Brit’s Wedding Song


I knew I wanted to write a song for my wedding, but I didn’t have the technical skills to choose chords for my melody, or sing the same thing twice in the same rhythm, or even really know how to structure a song. Jodi’s technical musical knowledge along with her intuitive generous spirit gave me the confidence to write a song that felt like it was mine; I was doing it, and it was easy.

Jodi’s accessible and joyful approach to songwriting makes her one of the few people I could even imagine asking to help me do something as personal as write a song for my wedding. I felt SO comfortable working with her and I really hope those who are searching for her unique offerings will hire her for the job.


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Free Your Song: Online Songwriting Course

A first of its kind experiential online songwriting class designed to transform your creative thoughts and feelings into beautiful songs. Pause the critic. Play words. Play sounds. Play chords. Play your music.

Free Your Song: PAUSE the critic. PLAY your music.
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